Game Title
Mr. Scribble and the Evil Clones
Very Poor, 1/5
My first game. Dodge the other yous. Get the Lightning.
Hackey Sack Extreme
Very Poor, 1/5
My second very crappy game. Move the platform. Keep the soccer ball up in the air as long a you can. Really not very Extreme in any way shape, or form.
Take Flight
Poor, 2/5
A really-crappy-graphics twist on helicopter, where each time you press the up button you move upward a tiny bit.
Street Racing Rip
Normal, 3/5
A pretty crappy game, but semi-entertaining as you blast away at cars, oil tanks, and cause mass destruction with mines and a car-mounted cannon. Tip: Try to get to 50000 casualties.
Black Jack
Normal, 3/5
It's Blackjack. Note: I did not make this!